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Work Order is able to process and manage work requests for a variety of business operations and requirements. The work requests can be for internal and/or external services and maintenance.

It features detailed labor and materials cost tracking per work order, and comparisons can be made between estimated and actual costs.

In preventive maintenance scenarios, work orders can be scheduled at designated milestones for the given asset or equipment.

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- Partial list of features:

  • Create Work Requisitions to be submitted for authorization.
  • User-defined Work Order types, categories/priorities, and operations.
  • User-defined Authorization codes; user-defined Billing Type codes.
  • Create Work Orders by asset.
  • Create multi-operation Work Orders.
  • Create internal and/or external maintenance and service Work Orders.
  • Record detailed Material and Labor costs by Work Order; track Labor by Employee.
  • Ability to create pre-scheduled Work Order for maintenance or service.
  • Ability to create Equipment (Asset) Bill of Materials.
  • Ability to track Metered Equipment for maintenance.

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