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Inventory Management provides detailed multi-warehouse inventory control, with complete processing and tracking of Inventory Receipts, Issues, Stock Transfers, and Physical Counts (Location and Cycle counts).

Accessory items can be set up and used for both up-selling and ensuring completeness of Sales Orders. Substitute items can be set up and used to provide alternative choices during Sales Order processing.

In addition to fully tracking stocked items, which includes serial/lot numbered items, it supports non-stocked and non-inventoried goods and services.

On-line inquiry shows snapshot of inventory in all locations, as well as On-Order stock from Purchase Orders and Allocated stock from Sales Orders.

It includes an Assembly processing function that integrates with Bill of Materials and automatically updates inventory.

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- Partial list of features:

  • Unlimited stocking locations, items, and vendors per item.
  • Unlimited units or measure with automatic conversion at receiving and shipping time.
  • Physical cycle count processing including freeze function, cycle codes, and tag controls.
  • Lot and serial number tracking capability.
  • Inventory stock status inquiries and reporting, by location and in total.
  • Stock transfer capability with in-transit tracking and reporting.
  • Inventory valuation reporting; ABC analysis reporting.
  • Permanent retention of stock issue, transfer and receipt history.
  • Product Category validation with default general ledger accounts by category.
  • Extensive Price Rule management for Sales Orders processing.

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