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Fixed Assets is a multi-featured, enterprise application designed for tracking of corporate assets and asset additions.

Major features include: acquisitions, transfers, disposals and write-offs, and 3 methods of depreciation per asset.

It supports a variety of depreciation methods and schedules, which can be applied to any asset or asset addition.

Depreciation amounts are automatically calculated for the life of an asset, and can be viewed anytime in the depreciation schedule for each asset.

It provides multiple on-line inquiries for various transactions: depreciation, transfers and disposals.

It also provides multiple levels of classification or grouping to fully support cost-center accounting.

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- Partial list of features:

  • Provides up to three independent depreciation methods and calculations for each asset: Book, Tax, Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT).
  • Supports the following depreciation methods, with any applicable parameters: Straight-line, Declining Balance, Double Declining, ACRS, Modified ACRS, Sum-of-the-Year's Digits, CCA; depreciation automatically switches to straight line at optimum time.
  • Depreciation calculations can be re-run any number of times before posting to the General Ledger.
  • Provides for unlimited Asset Additions; each addition can be individually depreciated according to its own methods and schedules; transfer of asset additions to other assets or conversion into a separate asset and prepares appropriate adjusting journal entries, as required.
  • Ability to specify all asset, expense and gain/loss general ledger accounts by Asset class or by individual Asset.
  • Depreciation, Disposals, Write-offs and Transfers automatically create appropriate General Ledger journal entries.
  • Allows assets to be grouped by classes, cost-centers and user-defined categories such as groups, types, and subtypes.
  • Tracks asset transfers to different locations, classes, groups, types, subtypes, and cost-centers.
  • Extensive reporting on assets, on depreciation processing, as well as a Yearly Expense Report for tax accounting records.
  • Maintains detailed depreciation information by asset / addition and period; asset history inquiries for all depreciation, transfer and disposal details.

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