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Capacity Planning promotes efficient manufacturing with features such as: scheduling by Shop Order and Work Center; scheduling for weekly, monthly, and annual shifts.

Schedules show all shop orders selected and detailed operations for the work centers.

In asset maintenance, Capacity Planning is used for planning and scheduling work orders issued for preventive maintenance purposes.

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- Partial list of features:

  • Utilizes queue time, efficiency, number of personnel and number of shifts per day at each work center to calculate the schedules.
  • Calculates the Start and Completion dates for each Labor Operation.
  • Generates schedules by Shop Orders and Work Centers with completion dates.
  • Utilizes Work Center scheduling calendars.
  • Allows the user to maintain a monthly calendar for each schedule and manufacturing location.
  • Calculates loads on work centers.
  • Allows for multiple schedules for different work center load requirements.
  • Visual summary of capacity, which provides user with schedule, dates by shop order and operation.
  • Online Daily Capacity Plan Display, Daily Shop Order Detail Inquiry, Daily Work Center capacity display.
  • Automatic calculation of fixed and variable labor burdens.

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