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ALCiE Quotation & Prospecting provides tools to manage the qualification of Leads to Prospects to Customers.

Quotation functionality enables users to create quotes for Prospects or existing Customers, and it includes Quote-to-Order processing. New Quotations can be easily created by copying all or parts of a previous quote.

Promotional Quotations can be automatically generated in bulk via a Quote Generation tool that uses Historical Sales data.

Prospecting functionality consists of powerful, yet practical, lead and opportunity management screens.

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- Partial list of features:

  • Complete Lead tracking process, with conversion to Opportunity; complete Opportunity tracking process, with conversion to Quote.
  • On-line inquiries for quick access to lead, opportunity and quote details.
  • Create new quote by copying from another quote.
  • Ability to view Inventory, Customer Accounts, Sales Orders and Jobs during Quote entry.
  • Stocked, non-stocked and non-inventoried material items may be specified on quotes.
  • Unlimited number of line items per quote; unlimited line item comments.
  • Sales price calculated based on margin with a minimum margin check.
  • Create sales order from quote; create new customer from quote.
  • Detailed and summary sales forecasting by salesperson, with user-defined probability percentages.
  • Salesperson tickler file and prospect tracking notes.
  • Partial list of standard reports: Prospect Activity; Call Activity by Prospect; Prospect Follow-up Summary and Detail; Quote Status; Quote Forecast Summary and Detail.

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