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- Partial list of features:

  • Project master includes accounting controls and project-specific Budget and Work Breakdown Structure.
  • Unlimited tasks per project; unlimited work codes per task.
  • Client master - used for billable projects.
  • Employee master - used for labor resources.
  • Multiple billing rates per labor resource (employee).
  • Project Planning and Tracking functionality includes resource allocations, tracking and managing resources by project or task, creating project budgets, comparing project actuals versus budget.
  • Automatic calculation of fixed and/or variable burden costs based on user-defined specifications.
  • Comprehensive timesheet entry and processing includes the following functionality: enter start, stop or actual time; enter project and work code; ability to override billable/non-billable; premium billing or regular billing rates; enter office in which work was performed; enter billable or non-billable expenses; add unlimited comments for each time entry.
  • Time and Expense Edit List available for review prior to posting timesheets.

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