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Job Costing, which includes shop floor control and routings, is a complete solution for light manufacturing operations.

It provides for capturing and tracking of all associated costs, including labor hours and dollars, fixed burden costs, variable burden costs, and material costs.

Planned materials may be automatically issued based on the shop order's bill of materials, or items issued individually from material requisitions. A purchase requisition report is automatically produced for out of stock and non-stocked items when the shop order is released.

Cost estimates may be compared with actuals, to enable adjustments in future job planning.

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- Partial list of features:

  • Unlimited Fabrication instructions and comments per shop order.
  • User-defined burden relief accounts and calculation methods for fixed and/or variable burden; automatic calculation of fixed and variable labor burdens, and material burdens.
  • Ability to allocate and de-allocate materials for a shop order; automatic material issue from Purchase Order to Job Cost.
  • Ability to copy from another shop order, routing, bill of materials, or quote.
  • Real-time inventory posting from material issues.
  • Labor and material analysis reporting with variance analysis to plan.
  • Reporting by job, shop order, operation, department and work center in almost any combination as required.
  • Work in process reporting.
  • Shop order inquiry by labor and material at the operations level.

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