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Donation Management is ideal for record-keeping of donors and donations, and issuing receipts (both tax deductible and not).

It retains a complete history of donation transactions and any adjustments to the original transactions for full transparency and auditability.

The embedded Membership Management functionality enables charitable organizations to easily interact with their members for processing renewals, issuing communications, and other purposes.

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- Partial list of features:

  • Ability to run donation management for multiple organizations or groups independently of each other.
  • Enables unlimited donors, donor types, donations, designations (a.k.a. donation categories).
  • Keeps track of received amounts; if partial payments are received, keeps track of balance amount.
  • Accepts both tax-deductible donations and non-tax-deductible donations.
  • Allows entry of descriptive notes for all donation transactions.
  • Meets government requirements for tax receipts.
  • Receipts can be reprinted, with "Duplicate" (or a phrase of your choice) printed on the receipt.
  • Saves complete history and details of printed receipts; tracks pending receipts to be printed.
  • Enables specifying membership fees by Membership type/group; generates membership fee invoices with the click of a button, for one or more donor members selected.
  • Provides detailed Donation inquiry capabilities: Donations by Fiscal Year, by Period (Month), or by Designation; Summary by Designation and Period (Month); Details by Designation and Donor, or by transaction; Donation adjustments, with original details.

Let us know about a not-for-profit organization that could benefit from ALCiE Donation Management Suite. We would be extremely delighted to donate our software to small-sized charitable foundations. Simply send an email to or call our toll-free number 1-888-252-4350 [Regular number: 1-514-744-3440].

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