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Automated Distribution automates mass distribution, repetitive orders and shipments, which results in a high output of orders at lower costs.

Shipments and billings of one or more inventory items can be consolidated and produced at the push of a button.

It is designed for Just-In-Time Inventory operations, consolidated multi-customer bulk shipments, and mass delivery of subscription materials or services.

Multiple distribution cycles can be in progress simultaneously for the same, or different, groups of customers.

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- Partial list of features:

  • Set up recurring order lines (demands) and delivery quantities for each customer, within specified start and end dates.
  • Open as many distribution cycles as desired and select items to be shipped for each distribution.
  • Automatically generate orders and order lines according to predefined demands for all customers.
  • Easily review and adjust, if necessary, the automatically-generated order lines for all customer orders.
  • Automatic generation can be selectively reversed if an item scheduled for shipping is changed or cancelled.
  • A master pick-ticket report for each shipping item, across all customers, is available at any time; or print individual pick-tickets on a per-customer order basis.
  • Define Inventory item as a "subscription" and manage mass delivery of subscribed material. Subscriptions can be set up to start and stop at any time.
  • Multiple subscriptions can be consolidated onto a single distribution and shipment.
  • Renewal notifications and invoices for the subscriptions are generated automatically.
  • Automatically-generated invoices can be manually adjusted.

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