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Best-fit software is essential to companies whose operations include specific business processes.

Companies achieve higher levels of productivity and profitability when running a business software system that is perfectly in tune with their operations.

BEST-FIT EQUIPMENT (a sports analogy)

Successful companies have software systems built to their specifications, which is essentially for the same reasons that professional athletes have their equipment built to their specifications:

  • greater efficiency
  • better performance
  • increased competitive advantage.

That's a winning combination!


2200% Return on Investment
Investing in a best-fit software solution can yield large returns, year after year. An ALCiE customer invested a one-time amount of $15,000 for a return of $330,000 in increased annual revenues - yielding an incredible ROI (return on investment) of 2200% !

80% Reduction in Labor Effort (a.k.a. wasted time)
A best-fit software solution can eliminate inefficiency and associated costs. An ALCiE customer decided to take the best-fit route when faced with numerous hours of data entry using conventional software. This was a profitable decision, because they were able to take on more projects and expand operations!

Proactive Actions for Increased Sales
To boost sales, an ALCiE customer requested specific data mining capabilities to automatically generate quotes during marketing campaigns. The process consisted of determining the products that customers would likely want to purchase when presented with a quote, as well as offering associated value-added products. Talk about a win-win proposition!

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