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ALCiE OASiS ("Open Application Software interface Suite") is expressly designed to facilitate the flow of data between Corporate and distributed Sites, enabling critical operational data to reach these sites when it is not readily available otherwise.

In particular, ALCiE OASiS includes a seamless interface with Oracle E-Business Suite, where the imported transactions do not undergo any transformation or mapping into equivalent data. For example, the same General Ledger Accounts (with however many segments) exist in both systems. This is important and one of the obvious benefits is that end-users do not need to remember / work with different sets of codes.

+ Who can benefit from ALCiE OASiS ?

- Who can benefit from ALCiE OASiS ?

  • Multi-national corporations with diverse operations.
  • Companies with subsidiaries or satellite divisions.

These types of enterprises have distributed sites that operate independently and/or differently from the Corporate site.

Transactions, such as payables and receivables, for the subsidiaries and satellites are processed in the information system at Corporate. Subsidiaries and satellites must have this information for further processing. They would benefit by ensuring that the information flow is constant and timely.

+ When can they benefit from ALCiE OASiS ?

- When can they benefit from ALCiE OASiS ?

  • When there is a lack of proper information flowing between corporate and distributed sites.

This commonly happens to enterprises whose distributed sites operate independently and/or differently from the corporate site, due to the diverse nature of business of each site, and the information required by the each site is time-sensitive and not readily available. Also, the problem is often accentuated when the operations are spread across multiple geographic locations.

This leads to recurring scenarios where information just doesn't flow out in time or, worse, doesn't flow at all.

+ How do they benefit from ALCiE OASiS ?

- How do they benefit from ALCiE OASiS ?

  • By leveraging the power of ORACLE E-Business Suite and ALCiE running in unison as a complete, best-fit solution.

As a result, both corporate and distributed sites have access to important and time-sensitive information that is required to maintain operations at their peak levels.

The needed information flow is achieved by implementing key interface points between ALCiE and Oracle EBS, and by transferring data seamlessly thanks to the synchronized data elements between ALCiE and Oracle EBS.

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