ALCiE Work Order

Part of the ALCiE Asset Maintenance product line.

ALCiE's Work Order module is designed to process and manage work orders and work requests for any organization. These work orders can be for both internal or external services and maintenance. The module tracks costs for labor and materials allocated to work orders. It is the backbone of the ALCiE Asset Maintenance Suite and fully interfaces with Inventory, Payroll, Capacity Planning, Fixed Assets and Preventive Maintenance.

Partial list of standard features:

  • Create work requisitions by asset.
  • Post Labor and Material transactions to General Ledger.
  • User-defined Operation type codes.
  • User-defined Work Order types and categories.
  • Multi-operation work order creation.
  • Maintenance and Service Work Order creation.
  • Record Material and Labor costs by Work Order.
  • Track Labor by Employee.
  • Create pre-scheduled work order for maintenance or service.
  • Create Equipment (Asset) Bill of Materials.
  • Track Metered Equipment for maintenance.
  • Multiple Authorization codes.
  • Multiple Billing type codes.