ALCiE Quotation & Estimation

Part of the ALCiE Manufacturing product line.

ALCiE Quotation & Estimation provides all of the features necessary to create a professional appearing quotation, with the ability to later turn the quote into a sales order. If the items being quoted are to be manufactured, the quotation system also provides the ability to create a bill of materials, routing and production note records. Once these items are entered, the system creates a cost estimate, including all material, labor and burden amounts. If the job is awarded, the quote may be used to create sales orders, job shop orders, routings, bill of materials and production notes.

The quote creation process provides the ability to easily create a quote by typing in all of the information manually, copying all or parts of previous quote, copying bill of materials and or routings, thus reducing data entry time. Unlimited user-defined text for each line item of the quote further enhances the printed quote.

Partial list of standard features:

  • Query access to ALCiE Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Order Entry, and Job Cost during quote entry.
  • Prospect table with virtually unlimited notes and contacts per prospect.
  • Create new quote by copying from another quote, bill of materials, job, shop order, or routing.
  • Unlimited number of line items per quote.
  • Unlimited line item comments.
  • Automatic calculation of fixed and variable burden.
  • Sales price calculated based on margin with a minimum margin check.
  • Automatic or manual assignment of quotes numbers.
  • Quote status for tracking and reporting.
  • Detailed and summary sales forecasting by salesperson.
  • User-defined probability percentages.
  • Salesperson tickler file and prospect tracking notes.
  • Salesperson call tracking.
  • Stocked and non-stocked material items allowed (Items do not have to be in the ALCiE Inventory System).
  • Unlimited labor operations (routings).
  • Unlimited comments and fabrication notes.
  • Create new customer from quote.
  • Create sales order from quote.
  • Create job, shop order, routing, bill of materials and notes from quote.
  • Multiple currencies are supported.
  • User defined date formats.
  • Prospect master report; quote status report; status change report; schedule by due date; prospect activity report.
  • Salesperson trip status report; call activity by month; call activity by manufacturing code; call activity by prospect; prospect follow up in detail or summary; prospect labels.