ALCiE Project Management

Part of the ALCiE Project Management product line.

The ALCiE Project Management module is a comprehensive Work-in-Process accounting tool, which tracks cost to projects by classification of work. The system has been designed to accommodate a wide variety of requirements. The module is fully interfaced to the ALCiE General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Inventory and Purchase Order modules so that virtually all types of costs may be recorded. The system provides a useful "bill draft" worksheet, which provides a detailed list of transactions to be billed. An adjustment screen provides a mechanism for adjusting the billing for write-ups and/or write-downs. Costs are tracked to specific projects and to Work Codes within projects. Work codes may be grouped by work category for summary reporting. Material, labor and expenses are individually separated for each work code, further expanding the detail level of reporting. Virtually all businesses have projects. They may include tracking promotional expenses, development projects, construction projects, professional services for a client, and so on.

Partial list of standard features:

  • Project master with accounting controls and project-specific Budget and Work Breakdown Structure.
  • Client master - uses Accounts Receivable master if ALCiE Accounts Receivable module is installed.
  • Employee master - uses Payroll master if ALCiE Payroll module is installed.
  • Project Planning and Tracking:
      Allocate Resources
    Track and Manage Resources by Project/Task
    Create Project Budgets
    Track Project Actuals vs Budget
  • Time Sheet Entry:
      Enter Start, Stop or Actual Time
    Enter Project and Work Code
    Override Billable/Non-Billable
    Premium Billing or Regular Billing Rates
    Enter office in which work was performed
    Enter Billable or Non-Billable Expenses
    Unlimited comments for each input transaction
  • Time and Expense Edit Listing.
  • Exception Edit list for Invalid Project and/or Work Code Entry.
  • Inventory Issues to Project in Real Time mode.
  • Cash receipts Posting - Requires Accounts Receivable module.
  • Billing Preparation/Invoicing - Requires ALCiE Project Billing or Accounts Receivable modules:
      Printed Bill Draft report by project
    Billing Adjustments
    Reversal of Accrued Unbilled charges
    Manual-billing Input
    Print Invoices in Summary or Detail
    Discounts by Project
    Advance Billing
    Client Account Inquiry
  • Supporting Control Tables for:
      Virtually unlimited rate codes
    Virtually unlimited work categories
    Virtually unlimited work codes burden
    Calculation for fixed and/or variable
    Virtually unlimited billing rates per employee