ALCiE Order Entry

Part of the ALCiE Distribution and Membership Distribution Management product lines.

ALCiE's enterprise-wide Order Processing and Sales Analysis provides several functionalities. Inventory is automatically allocated as orders are entered and relieved when invoiced ensuring continuously consistent stock status. Extensive open and back order reporting assist in shipping the item to the customer as fast as possible. Sales analysis by customer and item or any combination of item, customer, product category and customer type, provide powerful sales management tools. Order entry pricing and Sales commissions are automatically calculated based on a wide selection of options.

Partial list of standard features:

  • Minimum keystrokes to enter order with user defined cursor flow.
  • "Pop-up" customer inquiry including on-line aging and credit information during order entry.
  • Virtually unlimited "Ship To" addresses and delivery instructions for each "Bill To", including manual entry override
  • Automatic "credit hold" processing based on credit limit or past due invoices with user-defined grace period.
  • Inventory inquiry includes; stack status by warehouse, stocking location, kit components, component where used, P0 status, allocations by order, accessories, substitutes and text.
  • Extensive Sales Analysis reports. Sales analysis information is retained indefinitely.
  • Support for non-inventoried (phantom) items.
  • Automatic creation of order lines for defined accessory items (under user selection).
  • Automated Order creation (requires use of ALCiE's Automated Distribution Module).
  • Unlimited comments for line items. Comments may be directed to pick tickets, invoice or both.
  • Predefined item-specific hazardous material line messages for hazardous items.
  • Pricing rules provides flexible methods of pricing, including customer, item, customer/item, price level, etc.
  • Provides ability to change unit of measure at order entry time with table driven automatic conversion calculations.
  • Automatic purchase requisitions for non-stocked items and drop shipments. Purchase orders for drop-ship are order specific.
  • Automatic or manual assignment of order numbers.
  • Access to customer by name, phone, address, etc. during order entry.
  • Supports central or group billing with sales analysis retained by customer.
  • Tax entity codes for state, provincial, federal and/or other taxes with tax entity reporting in AR.
  • Unlimited quantity-break pricing.
  • Pricing based on mark ups from cost or down from list for each price rule.
  • Priority pricing rules by customer.
  • Interactive allocation of order quantities in inventory.
  • Interfaces to ALCiE General Ledger, Inventory Management, Accounts Receivable, Automated Distribution, Manufacturing and Quoting & Estimating.
  • Lot and serial number entry for tracking purposes.
  • Picking tickets and Shipping labels.
  • Add customer, item, and prospect during order entry.
  • After the fact invoicing to record hand written invoices.
  • POS Point of Sale with instant invoice print.
  • One step order processing; i.e., enter and bill order in one step.
  • Simple billing options for standard orders.
  • Pro-forma Invoicing. Generate invoice-like document without assigning invoice number to be used for order confirmation, triggering advance payments, or shipping confirmation.
  • Record payment with order in unlimited currencies of payment.
  • General search look-up screens attached to virtually all data-entry fields.