ALCiE Bill of Materials

Part of the ALCiE Distribution and Asset Maintenance product lines.

ALCiE's 12-level enterprise Bill of Materials module enables Sales Order Processing to build picking lists for kit items, Inventory Management to assemble kits, and Manufacturing to allocate materials to shop orders, while forming the basis of the material build-up in Standard Product Costing.

Partial list of standard features:

  • Up to 12 levels of indentation.
  • Allows a new bill to be created by copying an existing one.
  • Provides active and obsolescence dates for components.
  • Provides for non-inventory (phantom) items.
  • Single level and indented inquiry Screens.
  • Automatically integrated with ALCiE Inventory, Manufacturing and Order Entry.
  • Automatic copy of bill to shop floor when integrated with manufacturing module.
  • Scrap factor for Bill of Materials cost reporting.
  • Provides drawing or schematic reference at the component level.
  • General search look-up screens attached to virtually all data-entry fields.
  • Four decimal places provided in quantity fields.